Let's Talk about the Good: Using Social Media to Spread Awareness

Difficult, sad and tragic stories come through our news outlets every day.  If that’s the only place you receive information, you may be tempted to believe there’s nothing good happening in the world.  But let me assure you, there is.  Let’s talk about the good that’s unfolding in the world of social media and CCTF.


The "Good" of Social Media

Since we live in the age of information and globalization, problems in our neighborhoods and around the world no longer escape our awareness.  We can learn about the underserved among us who have gone unnoticed for years.  With the help of social media, people now have the ability to magnify the voices of the hurting like never before.  And the best part—action is being taken by a broader audience than any other time in history!

orphans in Kenya 

orphans in Kenya 

Near and Far

Groups form to give shoes to orphans in South America, provide jobs for ladies in India, and insure clean drinking water for communities throughout Africa.  Local organizations are forming to combat issues in their own backyard like human trafficking, homelessness and food insecurities.  We are doing it!  

fresh produce served at Farm Camp

fresh produce served at Farm Camp


While we will never solve all the world's problems, the generations living today are chipping away at the needs of their neighbors, whether nearby and across the globe.  Courageous people are speaking out for others and pooling resources to meet needs that have been unknown and unmet for years.  

learning from a farmer

learning from a farmer

The "Good" of Modern Farming

Connecting City To Farm began with a desire to promote healthy food choices for all budgets by highlighting the nutrition and environmental sustainability of non-organic agriculture.  Throughout the last 30 years, concerns have come about regarding the safety and sustainability of familiar practices.  As a result, scientists have partnered with agriculture professionals to implement improvements that are significantly safer for our consumption and the environment.  The system is working. 

Creative Ways to Do "Good"

In only a few short months of being on this journey, we have seen good happening all around.   Some friends are developing organizations that will protect the environment through the lens of youth sports.  Other friends are creating programs that will train underserved children to value healthy lifestyles.  Some colleagues are mentoring those plagued with homelessness, teaching them how to make the next good decision.  Other colleagues are creating a space for refugee women to learn sewing skills and how to sell their products to provide food for their children.  And one new friend is on a mission to spread the good news about all of it!  Emily Thomas founded The Honest Consumer to discover and highlight all the “good” she sees happening around her.  


Join the Party!

Fear sells, so the headlines are always going to be full of terror and tragedy.  But take a minute to look beyond the breaking news reports.  Dig around on social media.  Find a cause to investigate and support.  Develop the passion that’s itching to come out by working hard for something outside your own bubble.  Volunteer.  Give.  Broadcast.  Participate in the good.  You may be surprised what you will *receive* in the process!