Farm Camp with Cornerstone Baptist Church in Dallas - July 2015

We wrapped up our very first Farm Camp, and it was such a huge success!

We took 12 kids and 2 leaders from South Dallas.  We taught them about nutrition and physical activity.  They took turns preparing, serving and cleaning up heathy meals for each other. 

Plenty of unstructured play time was allowed for them to play frisbee golf, soccer, kickball, and even plan and dig an elaborate water flow system from the irrigation water in the cotton field beside the farm house! 

Jim and other farmers came to give us tours of their rice, corn, soybean and cotton fields.  Kids clearly heard the gospel of Jesus which will give them eternal healthy life with Him!  

Most of them said they would eat more vegetables, cut down on sodas and be more active when they returned home.  Those sound like great seeds that were planted in their minds and hearts!

Out of the mouth of babes - quotes from our Farm Camp Kids:

"What are those?"  (pointing to blueberries)

"Is ALL this food for us?"

"Being out just feels free."

"The showers...really?  Is it hot water??"

"What is corn on the cob?"

"What do you mean by 'play in the dirt'?"

"Does this tractor have a honk?"

"Every bite is delightful."

"That was my first s'more and it was great."