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What is Farm Camp?

Farm Camp is a 4-day learning adventure for kids. Participants learn how to sustain themselves and the environment. After learning the startling fact that 50% of the children in Dallas County are obese, Farm Camp was launched as an action piece to let kids see first hand how their food is grown and harvested by the high-tech modern farming industry. This experience plants seeds for a basic understanding of healthy eating.

What do they do?

After traveling to a farmhouse in southeast Arkansas, kids from urban areas are launched into an agricultural setting and immersed in a healthy diet and active schedule. Their time is full of ag-related activities such as riding modern tractors, exploring corn fields, and meeting local farmers. The curriculum focusses on a complete healthy lifestyle.

Who do we work with?

We partner with local organizations to bring not only kids, but sponsors and teachers, so that when Farm Camp participants go home, there is a natural connection in place to follow up on the lessons and experiences learned on the farm.

Farm Camp Costs

Each Farm Camp costs approximately $8,000-$10,000. Our goal is to provide a Farm Camp experience at no or very little cost to the participants. Your tax deductible donations make learning excursions to the farm a reality.

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